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Pet Preform Mould

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Pet Preform Mould Key Features

  • Place of Origin:Shanghai, China
  • Brand Name:GonSon Mould
  • Model Number:Bottle Blowing Machine
  • Shaping Mode:Blowing Mould
  • Product Material:Plastic
  • Product Name:PET bottle blowing mold
  • Material:#45 steel OR Aluminum
  • Product Description

PET Plastic Bottle Blowing Mould

We provide: water bottle mould, 5 gallon bottle mould, beverage bottle mould, edible oil bottle mould, wide mouth jar mould,cosmetic mould, etc.

1. Free bottle design service before payment,custom design make your products competitive.

2. 1000+ finished bottle design for choose.

3. Chroming on the mould surface,anti-rust.

4.  Fast delivery: 7-10 days lead time.

5. Warranty: 1 year.

Name Description
Mould Material #45 steel, & Aluminum for choose
Cavity Single cavity,2 cavity,4 cavity,6 cavity
Bottle volume 10ml-25L
Lead time 7-15 days depend on requirements.
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