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Plastic Basket Mould

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Plastic Basket Mould Key Features

  • Place of Origin:Shanghai, China
  • Brand Name:GonSon mould
  • Shaping Mode:Plastic Injection Mould
  • Product Material:Steel
  • Product:Household Product
  • Product Name:Laundry basket mould
  • Mould type:injection
  • Mould life:300K~500K
  • Surface treatment:Polishing
  • Product Description
Our advantages:

1.Rich experience in mould making.
2.Excellent R&D team.(We can offer you 3D mould design with all details within one day.)
3.Efficiency production department.(We can finish mould within 45days.)
4.Competitive price in save level of mould manufactuers.

Material Product PP white
Mould P20 28-32HRC
Standard part STD 50-55HRC
Mould design Softwear UG X-t
Cavity 1 pcs
Shrinkage 1.5% STD
Injection machine Model 500 Ton
Temperature 220 °C
Injection pressure 60% Mpa
Injection systerm Runner type Hot point gate
Quantity 1 point
Brand Yudo STD
Ejection systerm Ejection type Stripper plate+air STD
Drop type Automatically STD
Mould base LKM STD
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